If you are laid off from your job, or terminated from employment, your employer may offer you a separation agreement, which might include severance pay, or other post-employment compensation or benefits. Many times, employees agree to sign said agreements even when the terms and conditions contained therein are not in the employee's best interest. For example, separation agreements often contain language which restrict your ability to obtain comparable employment in your area of expertise.

Before signing any kind of separation or severance agreement, it is always wise to consult with an experienced employment attorney, who can explain what some of the complicated language of the agreement means, so you are fully aware of your rights as you move forward with your life and career. Additionally, with the assistance of an experienced attorney, the terms of your separation agreement could be negotiated in your favor.

If you have been laid off, let go, or terminated, and have been presented with a separation or severance agreement, contact us today.

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