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If you find your business being accused of discrimination, harassment, or failure to properly compensate your employees, our firm can affordably represent you and your management team before the state and federal courts, and the myriad administrative agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, New York Division of Human Rights, New York Department of Labor, and many other agencies which audit and enforce federal and state employment law. ​However, aside from representation, our attorneys can provide guidance and training to human resources personnel and upper management in order to ensure compliance and prevent an employee complaint from occurring at all.

We regularly provide guidance and support to managerial employees, offer training sessions or training memoranda, and assist in the preparation of employee handbooks, policies, and procedures. Additionally, our firm conducts investigations into internal complaints of discrimination, harassment, and employee compensation, and provides internal audits of your current policies in order to ensure compliance with the law.

The firm has extensive experience representing small to medium-sized business, including:
+Restaurants, bars and nightclubs
+Wholesalers and manufacturers
+Residential and commercial real estate holders
+Contractors, landscapers, pool service providers
+Sales and Marketing companies
+Municipal governments

If your business finds itself in need of legal representation, please call us to set up your appointment for a free consultation.

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